Order by Post/Fax

You can of course contact us also by surface mail or fax. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We need the following information to process the order:

  • Name and first name of debtor, Street und House No., Postal Code and Town;
    in case of companies: Company address and, if available, name of contact
  • Telephone number / mobile number of debtor
  • Invoice amount, if available additional costs (charges for own reminders and return debit fees)
  • Date of invoice
  • Invoice- and/or customer number

Fill in the form and, if applicable, attach additional information. In case of handing over receivables with an endorsement judgement, we need all those documents available to you, in particular the enforceable deed.

Sending documents by fax or by surface mail - We will confirm having received your information immediately after receipt.

By sending us your order by surface mail, you accept our AGB(General Terms and Conditions of Sale) and Conditions.